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شركه الأمد للتجاره والتموين

in Trade
& Supply

35+ years of experience in Saudi airport maintenance, transportation, and supply services.

About Us

The company was founded under terms of trade and supply in 1986 in Jeddah, by the owner and chief

executive officer professor Fareed J. Harazy.

It was established with a vision of the future based on plans and programs of stable, strong, and took the

areas of trade and supply vital activities

such as leasing and transportation with a concentrated ambitious strategy to provide its services with distinction.


Among the most prominent successes that the company has achieved are: It works with the largest carrier in the Middle East (Saudi Arabian Airlines),

where the company provides its services in the areas of transportation and what is directly related to the passenger.

The company then developed by establishing a workshop inside the yard of King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah with the latest machines and modern devices to provide maintenance services for buses and transport navigators.


AL AMAD thrives on maintaining quality and safety standards in line with the SAGO standards and the secret of our success is customer service.

شركه الأمد للتجاره والتموين
شركه الأمد للتجاره والتموين

Our Vision

To be the leader in trade and supply services to

transportation and shipping companies.

شركه الأمد للتجاره والتموين
شركه الأمد للتجاره والتموين

Our Mission

To achieve high levels of safety and efficiency and provide high quality services and a professional approach toward our customers' and contractors' business.

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Our Values


Insure following international safety and security standards and practices of its ground handling operations


Continual development in all aspects by using cutting-edge technologies and providing high-class services to our clients.


Provide excellent services and customer satisfaction in line with the best international quality standards.

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